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Check out now these latest stuffs and happenings in Calypso PH for this month:
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Upgraded website

Our website upgraded with the most modern layout and a better user interface that keeps up with the latest technologies for the optimum user experience.

Enhanced and more creative photos

Photography has always been a passion of our team. With improvements to our skills and equipment, we aim to deliver a more realistic and creative approach on our products while covering every possible angle. It’s as if you’re looking at the actual item already.

New Collection: New Era Collection

Together with the new website debut, we would like to introduce our New Era Collection. The collection consists of 5 bracelets - Kamikaze, Garuda, Haiku, Kaizen, and Shinto. All bracelets were designed to show the urban Japanese lifestyle. All bracelets were made with real stones of - Hematite, Snowflake Stone, and Quartz.

New packaging

We are proud to present our new and improved packaging which conveys the style of the brand – minimalism at its best. Each package contains – besides the item ordered - a heartfelt thanks as well as some bonuses.
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Freedom of Information (FOI)

Lastly, an item we would gladly like to highlight is our transparency to our loyal customers. As a brand, we want to keep it real and honest with everyone, and that is why we made available the information pages (See list below) that are always relevant to our buyers. This is to show our out-most sincerity that we always wanted to give the best to our clients.