Shipping and Exchange

General Information

Packaging Box

We only provide one (1) packaging box per order and a small cloth bag included inside. Requests for additional packaging box or cloth bag may require extra fee.

Shipping Schedules

Our partner courier only ships items from Monday to Saturday, but we accept orders anytime of the day, any day of the week.

Rush Shipping

We highly discourage rush orders or 1-day deliveries. However, we can make an exemption on special occasions. Kindly contact our team for discussion and we will try to accommodate your request. Additional costs may apply.


Purchase to Delivery Step-by-step Guide

    1. Orders from our website will enter our shop database.
    2. The customer will receive an email regarding his order verification together with the product details and cost.
    3. The customer’s order will be processed to be shipped the next possible day unless it’s a Sunday or holiday.
    4. Once we have shipped the customer’s order to our courier, the customer will receive a shipment email regarding the complete details inclusive of the package’s tracking number and our courier service’s website.
    5. Depending on the courier’s capacity, weather, and location of the delivery, it will take approximately 2 days to a week for delivery. (See next details below)


    Estimated Delivery Durations

    • Metro Manila: 2-3 days
    • Provincial (Luzon): 3-4 days
    • Provincial (Visayas/Mindanao): 4-5 days

    Please be informed that the above expected delivery days are the usual and estimated delivery duration only. Any external factors or interventions (Please see the list of examples below) may affect the delivery duration and cause delay.

    1. Natural disasters like typhoons, floods, or earthquakes
    2. Internal delay from our courier such as change of management or no available riders (pickup/delivery personnel)
    3. (Provincial) Airline interventions, such as an airline’s failure to load packages on time

    Rest assured if any delays do happen, Calypso PH is ready to assist you until you receive your package.


    Calypso PH DOES NOT deliver the packages. We do have courier partners that we work closely with to provide the most efficient service for our customers. Depending on the location, the package may switch between different courier services. We do not have control over the courier’s services and such that any delay from the estimated delivery date is not Calypso PH’s responsibility, we will however assist in tracking the packages until it arrives in the designated address.

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    Our Partner Couriers

     Ninja Van PH


    You may track your orders from their website:

    Ninja Van tracking link:

    Jam Express tracking link:


    Example of a tracking numbers: 

    Ninja Van - NVPHCALYP000002017

    Jam Express - M 0008-22017

    Important Note: Please input your tracking number as is, with the space ( ) and dash symbol (-)


    Returns and Exchange

    Calypso PH does not offer returns or refunds on its products, however we will gladly provide an exchange of products with the same value, at the cost of shipping liable to the customer. Our returns and exchange policy is only valid within 7 days of receiving the item.