About Us

Our Origin

Hitchcock George Calypso

Calypso PH is inspired by the timeless beauty of the Greek nymph - Calypso.

The founder of the brand is a huge fan of the Greek mythology. She took notice of Calypso's unique beauty inside and out compared to the other Greek deities, thus leading the brand named after her.

How We Started

ken ortega calypsoph

"Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique." - Yves Saint Laurent

Founded one Sunday night on a roof top in 2013, a group of friends thought about bracelets that can be worn by both men and women that can give significance and meaning to a seemingly ordinary object such as an accessory.
That hit us, and that is what we wanted to deliver - real stones for real people.

Our Values
All of our pieces were designed to show timeless style and each of our carefully hand-crafted bracelets are made to blend well and complete anyone’s style.

Beauty and meaning, that's what we give. What is style without substance, anyway?

And, we are Calypso PH.