Celebrate the Holidays in NYC: The Free Way

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here and by that, we mean Christmas in New York! Ah, New York City -  the city that never sleeps with its constant hustle and bustle - but now with holiday season magic!

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Just when you think New York City is filled with a lot of places to see and visit, you’d be overwhelmed to know that there’s even more during the holiday season. So here’s a short list of places to see that’s free!

That having said, do you think that NYC could be your next ultimate holiday destination? Let’s find out by seeing some of the highlight attractions during the holidays in NYC:

new yorker collection calypso ph

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree near Times Square

When you think of Christmas, you think gifts, parties, Santa Claus, Christmas lights and of course, Christmas trees. And the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center blows away any other Christmas trees because this is no ordinary tree, it’s a 78-foot standing, 45,000 LED lights wearing Christmas tree! To top it all off (literally!), a Swarovski crystal star sits at the top for that extra dazzle. It’s also a real tree called a Norway Spruce.

new yorker collection calypso ph

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights in Brooklyn

If over-the-top Christmas decor is your thing, then this is the right place. The Dyker Heights Christmas lights is an area in Brooklyn where almost every house in different streets and avenues are filled with Christmas decors. It is overwhelmingly filled with so much decorations, it would take you hours to visit all of them! Not to mention the difficulty of having to choose which one is your favorite to post on your Instagram - or all of them.

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Winter Village at Bryant Park in Manhattan

If weather trends stay on course for New York City, you'll want to prepare yourself for some major snow this holiday season. Take advantage of the wintery weather and join the fun at any of the dozen local parks for some skating. But the best of them all this holiday season is at the Bryant Park Winter Village. It’s a 17,000 sq ft of pure skating fun with over 150 shopping and food kiosks. Whether you can skate or not, this is definitely a place to go to soak in the fun in NYC.

This holiday season, we would like to bring a bit of that razzle-dazzle extravagance with the release of our brand new set of bracelets called, The New Yorker Collection. These sleek pieces are inspired by the most stylish ladies of New York City — known for their looks as refined, polished, and modern. These bracelets aim to express minimalism at its best.

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Model is @sheiladytiu, wearing some our TNY bracelets

Impress your friends and families when you attend Christmas parties with these stylish new bracelets. A brand new design from Calypso PH made with silver chains with adjustable locks to fit anyone’s wrist sizes, real stone beads for that timeless look and to top it off, a center bead encased in a silver crown.

new yorker collection calypso ph

new yorker collection calypso ph


Featured Bracelets:

That’s it for this holiday season blog post, courtesy to the center of fashion and holiday spirit, New York City.


🎵 New Yooork!
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York!
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Hear it for New York, New York, New Yooork! 🎵


Can you hear New York calling you already? 😉

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