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Roman Bracelet - Florence

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  • Made of 5mm, Fancy Jasper stones
  • Fancy Jasper is a powerful grounding stone. It is excellent for stress as it is calming to the mind. It can also help concentration and inspire creativity
  • The bracelet is named after the magnetic, romantic and busy city of - Florence, which is also the cradle of the Renaissance and of tourist masses that flock here to feast on world-class art

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Bracelet Size Guide
We design our bracelets to fit comfortably around your wrist. Below are the usual bracelet size guide for men and women:

  • Men - 7 or 8 inches
  • Women - 6 or 7 inches

If you want to know your exact wrist size, you may just easily use a tape measure to find out.

Don't happen to have a tape measure with you? No problem! Just use a straight strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist, and then mark the length down with a pen. Afterwards, measure it using a classic ruler. Easy right?